VetBabble Bugs Thread

Hi everyone, we recently launched VetBabble using the PetsBeHonest framework on Android and IOS devices. If you have any bugs or comments you would like to report - this is the thread for you, we will be sure to track and follow up here.

[iOS] Unable to swipe to go back on Pet Profile
All the other pages (Vet, Virtual Vet, Events) allow swipe to go back. Pet Profile requires the user to press the back button.

Newly added events don’t show on the Event page.
If I add an event and then navigate to the Events page, the newly created event is missing. I typically have to force-refresh to get the calendar to update.

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Thanks for the report! I have a code review out to fix the first issue. The second issue I have root caused but is a little trickier to fix. Will keep you updated :slight_smile:

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Editing my pet’s name

  • I clicked on my dog’s name “Cheyenne” at first to see if it would pop-up with an edit window. I eventually clicked the dog icon (probably could use an edit icon to make it clear that you can edit your pet info there)
  • Going back to the “About Your Pet” page has the cat icon selected. I changed it back to the dog icon but going back to that page seems to reset it

Creating an event

  • When changing the time, I expected the behavior after I had entered the start time to 10AM that it’ll change the end time to an hour after that (11AM)

  • Can’t change the end time — it only changes the start time

Editing an existing event

  • There’s a blank white square in the event logged when there’s no photo uploaded
  • I didn’t realize I needed to click “update event” after changing a photo. I’m used to the behavior that uploading a photo will automatically update the event to include it
  • Photo rotated when I uploaded it to the event

Bottom menu

  • The bottom right icon menu seems unnecessary. I think I’d rather have the event icon there instead because I doubt I’d be looking at the menu that it heads to often. The menu icon that directs you to this page:

Other features I’d like to have

  • I’d love to add location so that I can tag that a park we went to for that event and an easy way to look back and search
  • With Cheyenne currently healthy without any mouth ulcers, there isn’t too much for us to log her symptoms. So instead, I’d like to log a few daily routines that would be helpful for me to log to make sure those are done every day. But, having to type out “brushed teeth” every day is a bit repetitive to me. I’d like to have a way to create a routine that resets every day and I can open the app every day to see what routines I still need to complete. Possibly having a reminder be an option as well.
  • Being able to share a pet with another user so that if more than one person is taking care of a pet, they can complete routines and log events for that same pet together.

Extra line between the ‘tag’ and the text line. The ‘tag’ area is inactive.

The notifications pop up needs an icon